Waikoloa Beach Resort

A Bay is the focal point of Waikoloa Beach Resort in Waikoloa Big Island

Waikoloa Beach Resort is a popular destination for sporting and relaxation, world-class dining and shopping. From historical interests, beach, spa relaxation, 2 open air shopping centers at Queens’ Marketplace and King’s Shops, water sports, mini golf, golf courses, and more! Discover a wide variety of things to do, and festivals, within walking distance to your rental. Or, take a short drive along the Kohala coast to the Island’s best beaches and diving spots.


‘Anaeho‘omalu is the Hawaiian name of the bay and beach neighboring Waikoloa Beach Resort. A fun and welcoming recreation area for visitors and residents of all ages, a 900 ft long granular salt & pepper sandy beach is a popular location to watch the sunset or relax along the shady shore. Visit the south end of the beach where you’ll find Lava Lava Beach Club restaurant, sip a Mai Tai with your toes in the sand. The beach park has showers and restrooms, picnic areas, and free parking. Discover all the fun opportunities to swim, surf, windsurf, boogie board, snorkel, paddle, watch the canoe races, sail and take a glass-bottom boat cruise. Need gear? Visit Queens’ Marketplace for diving gear to bike rentals, register for a tour, or check out the Ocean Sports A-Bay Beach Hut.

Ala Kahakai Trail

An ancient “highway” runs along the coast through Waikoloa Beach Resort. The larger, 175-mile Ala Kahakai (“trail by the sea”) spans he western coast of Hawaii Island. Serving as the land link between communities, temples, fishing areas and other important archaeological sites. During the 1800s another section was widened and used to drive cattle from Waimea’s Parker Ranch to the waiting boats. Also called the “King’s Trail,” Ala Kahakai is accessible at several places along the shoreline of ‘Anaeho‘omalu Bay. The lava rock pavers mark it’s crossing with resort roadways, often mistaken as crosswalks. *Please refrain from walking on adjoining historic sites and do not remove any rocks from walls or other features. Ala Kahakai is a national historic trail. Damage to the trail or any archaeological sites along the trail is subject to penalties.*


Nearly 30,000 petroglyphs are preserved within Waikoloa Beach Resort and the larger Puako area. These stone carvings offer visitors some of the best examples in the state. In ancient Hawaii, there was no written Hawaiian language. Some petroglyphs are thought to be astronomical symbols, travel markers or commemorations of historic events. These fragile carvings are easily damaged and face erosion. Please use the marked petroglyph trail near the gas station at Kings’ Shops with complimentary guided tours are provided Thursday-Sunday at 9:30am.

Fish Ponds

‘Anaeho‘omalu means “protected mullet,” and ancient Hawaiians knew ‘Anaeho‘omalu for its thriving aquaculture. Two existing ponds, Ku‘uali‘i and Kahapapa, were part of a larger complex of fish farms in the area, carefully tended by families who passed down the practices through generations of caretakers. In addition to mullet, various species were raised and seasonally fished to manage the stock. Runners would travel along the Ala Kahakai trail, delivering fresh fish to King Kamehameha when he stayed in Kailua-Kona. *Do not swim in the fish ponds, disturb the rocks, or venture off trails.

Anchialine Ponds

The Waikoloa Anchialine Pond Preservation Area (WAPPA) is a series of historic anchialine (AN-key-ah-lin) ponds, maintained by the University of Hawai‘i. These shallow salt or brackish water lava rock pools are fed by freshwater springs as well as the ocean. It makes the perfect home for small fishes, crustacean, mollusks and the ‘ōpae‘ula, tiny red shrimp, also called “micro-lobsters.” A well-marked trail between the Kolea condo neighborhood and Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort takes you on an easy hike around a portion of the anchialine ponds ending at the North side of ‘Anaeho’omalu Beach. *Do not enter these ponds or disturb the marine life and remember to bring water and reef safe sunscreen while exploring this area.